Staples as a certified construction product

ETA: recognized throughout Europe – respected worldwide!


The European Technical Assessment – ETA – replaces the general building authority approval for staples as a certified building product!

The European Technical Approval (ETA) is a Europe-wide recognized certification for the technical usability of a construction product within the meaning of the Construction Products Regulation in the member states of the EU.

It authorizes a CE-identification marking and offers reliable evidence of special performance features for permanent use in the construction and prefabricated house industry as well as in the field of timber frame construction.

Staple certification for wires Ø 1,52 – 2,0 mm up to 170 mm in length in the following versions:
RF = stainless steel, material no. 1.4301 1.4301
SV = strong galvanized steel, 12 μm zinc coating

Other materials possible on request!

• High certification requirements
• Higher pull-out values compared to the previous German approvals – comparable to ring nails
• Higher wire strength
• 100% standard-compliant fastening
• Guaranteed service life of the staples at least 50 years
• Unlimited validity of the authorisation

According to Eurocode 5, staples must not be subjected to long-term or permanent pull-out forces – e.g. in the case of suspended ceilings or ceiling parts – in structural timber construction. Staples with ETA approval are absolutely necessary for this.

PREBENA ETA staples are approved for all common panel materials with defined pull-through values.

Made in Germany“ – As an innovative manufacturer, PREBENA produces the new ETA staples on specially developed Production facilities in order to guarantee the high certification requirements.

In parallel with the staple certification a range of devices has been developed to handle the staples in the relevant industries. It covers all pneumatic staplers for fast and simple stapling with ETA staples:
• Modules for static use in industrial manufacturing
• Mobile modules for moving large-scale substructures
• Pneumatic staplers with automatic trigger system
SlideSystem for placing staples at precise, regular intervals The staples can also be processed with the PREBENA pneumatic staplers from the standard range.





Pneumatic nailers and fasteners for special applications

If our extensive standard program does not cover a special application, we would be happy to develop new, innovative products together with our customers.

Modified pneumatic nailers, special stops or new constructions. Our experienced technology develops solutions for special requirements.

“Made in Germany” – thanks to our own production, we are also able to produce fasteners for unusual applications. We develop and process unusual materials such as copper or brass, special cuts and shapes on customer request.

Together with well-known manufacturers of insulation, plasterboard, gypsum fiber, wood fiber and OSB boards, we develop and work out application instructions for standard-compliant fastening.


Competence in timber frame construction

Semi-automatic fastening technology

Modules for stationary use in industrial production.

With the pneumatic industrial nailers, PREBENA is part of the industrial production of prefabricated houses. In automated production systems, the PREBENA modules contribute to the construction of prefabricated houses or comparable processes. They are designed for processing type WP and Z staples, which comply with ETA-16/0101 standards and are specifically suitable for structural timber construction.

Modular timber frame construction

Paneling of wooden stud walls

With the path-controlled slider, planking work in timber frame construction can be carried out quickly, easily and effectively. The nailers for staples or coil nails, are mounted on rollers, and triggered by pushing or pulling across the work surface at the set distance.

The PREBENA SlideSystem offers a more cost-effective alternative to the MODUL for semi-automatic production..

Automatic Technology

Powerful pneumatic nailers with automatic release system

The automatic technology has a continuously adjustable shot frequency with up to 10 shots per second. It enables an individually controlled stapling speed and thus reduces the working time.

The automatic devices can be used with single, contact and automatic triggering and are therefore versatile. An ergonomic design and practical glide feet enable optimal handling.

The PREBENA automatic devices are used wherever fast and permanent fastening is required. Especially in industrial timber frame and prefabricated house construction or in the industrial processing of upholstery, fabrics, leather, foils, cladding and much more.


The following of our pneumatic nailers are equipped with an automatic release system:

4C-L50AUT for Staples Type L from 19 – 50mm

4C-Z50AUT for Staples Type Z from 16 – 50mm

1X-A16AUT for Staples Type A from 6 – 16 mm

1X-A16LM-AUT for Staples Type A from 6 – 16 mm

Modular timber frame construction

Market partner

Together with leading manufacturers of panel materials such as plasterboard, gypsum fiber, insulating materials or OSB, we develop processing instructions and tips for optimal fastening.

PREBENA pneumatic nailers are ideal for quick and easy assembly and our certified fasteners guarantee secure fastening.


PKT Cordless Air Technology

An easy-to-handle mobile compressed air cylinder –The Cordless Air Technologyis a professional solution for anywhere

PKT is a technology developed and patented by Prebena. It enables the user to work mobile and independent.

Just screw the cartridge into the device and you are ready to go – without any connection to a compressor. The cartridges are economical, environmentally friendly and easily refillable by yourself our trough specialist dealers. For the mobility of all other devices, PREBENA offers the COMPRESSED AIR MOBILO 400 or the PKT-ADAPTER 300.

Wooden furniture PKT
  • Refillable pneumatic cartridges
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to the exchange system
  • Independent of weather and temperature
  • Fast cartridge change system
  • Adjust the working pressure directly on the device
  • Cartridge level indicator
  • Manometer for working pressure
  • Own refilling of the compressed air cylinders
  • Prebena Cordless Air Nailer
  • Refilling Station PKT-TWINTEC 400
Wooden furniture PKT

Optiwear Technology

Highest performance, optimal energy utilization and long service life

The revolutionary pneumatic nailers with Optiwear Technology impress with their high performance, optimal energy utilization and a long service life.

Optimierte Verschleißteile „Made in Germany“ wie Dichtungssystem, Kolben und Puffer werden aus neuartigen Materialien gefertigt und garantieren eine extrem hohe Schusszahl und somit eine außergewöhnlich lange Standzeit.

Optimized wear parts “Made in Germany” such as the sealing system, pistons and buffers are made from new materials and guarantee an extremely high number of shots and thus an extraordinarily long service life.

Maintenance-friendly, low air consumption, low-noise and low-vibration work characterize the PREBENA Optiwear Technology. A smooth-running trigger system with an extremely fast firing sequence ensures user-friendly use.



Optiwear Technology
Made in Germany