PREBENA Service-System

Send in your device via your PREBENA specialist dealer

Your specialist dealer will take care of the safe packaging and fill out a repair order with you, which will inform us about the damage and the desired scope of repair. After the repair and safety check have been carried out, you can collect the device from your specialist dealer.

Direct transmittal of your device

When sending the device directly, please always enclose a completed repair order with the details of your specialist dealer with the device.

PSS – Fixed prices

Fixed repair prices apply to all PREBENA standard devices (not older than 10 years – spare parts still available). The following services are included in the fixed price:

  • Return
  • Complete inspection of the device
  • Check and, if necessary, change of all wear parts
  • Professional repair including all spare parts
  • Cleaning and lubrication
  • Safety-related and functional final test
  • New 6 months guarantee on the repaired device > no guarantee on compressor boilers

Cost estimate

Since both the repair price and an exchange price are fixed in the PREBENA Service System, we refrain from preparing cost estimates, in order to ensure that the devices in our service department pass faster.
Should you still want a cost estimate – its issue is going to be charged with a processing fee. The cost estimate must be requested in writing via the repair order, please note that there may be additional waiting times for repairs based on the cost estimate due to processing and transfer.


Devices that are sent in incomplete cannot be repaired at a fixed price. Missing components are not added, but additionally charged.
Fixed prices do not apply in the event of a fall, violence or total loss after heavy wear and tear of the device. Fixed prices also do not apply in the event of improper use such as the use of wrong fasteners in a pneumatic nailer or operation of a compressor with unsuitable or without oil.

You can find your repair order here:


Should a repair no longer seem profitable to you, ask your specialist dealer or our specialist adviser for an exchange price. We offer you fair exchange prices for all PREBENA devices, their successor models and comparable third-party products.

The return of old devices to PREBENA is mandatory.

Do it yourself

Repairs to PREBENA devices should only be carried out by trained specialists.
Please note that the warranty claims expire if improper repair attempts are made. We advise against doing your own repairs and refer you to the fast and qualified PREBENA repair service.

If you still want to repair it yourself, please only use original spare parts.

In the event of a guarantee: Always enclose a copy of the purchase receipt and the guarantee certificate.

Pressure vessel testing for compressors

Safety assessment and risk assessment of compressed air stations for commercial use.

Have your compressors already been checked?

You have the obligation to determine the security level of your system. The operator has the task to organize the pressure vessel test with a safety-related assessment by a competent person himself.

The Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) has been binding for operators of pressure vessels that are subject to monitoring since 01.01.2003. All compressed air tanks with a Pressure liter content product from 201 to 1,000 l / bar (tank size x max. Pressure). The examination can be carried out by a qualified person.

We support you!

Due to our work and experience in the field of pressure vessels and as qualified person, we offer you to help you carry out this mandatory task as a competent partner to support.

The following compressors from the current PREBENA range are subject to monitoring (201 to 1,000 l / bar):