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PREBENA Wilfried Bornemann GmbH & Co. KG is a leading global company in fastening technology with headquarters in Schotten, Vogelsbergkreis. Since its founding, all technical innovations, such as pneumatic devices and production systems for the manufacture of fasteners, have taken place at the main production site in Schotten.

Together with THM Studium Plus, we are now offering dual study places.

Technical University of Central Hesse
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Why a dual study sytem?

You combine theoretical basics with practical work experience and are financially independent as well.

You will work in small working groups under good study conditions and receive a full bachelor’s degree.

Why a dual study sytem?
Dual Study System

Why study at PREBENA?

We offer the security and prospects of a growing, global company, professional training support based on many years of experience and very good career opportunities. During your practical phases you will pass through different departments and will be responsible for your own projects.

You have regular working hours and a fixed place of work. PREBENA supports you financially with your studies and through the company pension we also take care of your well-being in the future.

We offer the following courses:

Business administration

with a focus on SME management

Basic business studies with in-depth content in the field of SME management.

Business diagram

Industrial engineering

with a focus on mechanical engineering

The industrial engineering course combines business administration with engineering basic subjects.

IE diagram


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For questions and applications

Christina Gebhard

by post or e-mail:

Wilfried Bornemann GmbH & Co. KG
Seestraße 20-26
63679 Schotten


Contact Person Gebhard

Charles Grimes

by post or e-mail:

Wilfried Bornemann GmbH & Co. KG
Seestraße 20-26
63679 Schotten


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