What is special about PREBENA?

What were the favorite subjects of our trainees? What have you already experienced in your training? And how did you come to work at PREBENA in the first place? What is special about PREBENA? And what options do you have after training?

Interview Yohannes


Training as a machine and system operator

What do you learn during your apprenticeship at PREBENA?

I have been with PREBENA for three years, first I did my training as a machine and system operator here and am now in my second training as a cutting machine operator. My tasks include retooling, maintaining, operating and repairing machines and systems for strip production. I also spent part of my training in staple production to get to know the machines there that ultimately process the tapes in order to manufacture the respective staples or fasteners. In my second training as a cutting machine operator, the focus is of course on cutting, i.e. turning, milling and drilling of various materials. The focus of my examination is turning on conventional lathes for the partial manufacture of precision components for our production.

What was the most exciting thing that you have experienced in your training so far?

I find it very exciting to experience the entire manufacturing process of the fasteners. From wire production to the production of the finished bracket. We also organize regular social events for trainees such as barbecues or excursions. Last year we went canoeing together. It was a lot of fun and we got to know each other better and worked as a team towards a common goal. In addition, the regular in-house lessons offer additional opportunities to deepen your knowledge and to exchange ideas with trainees from other training professions.

How did you come to PREBENA?

I’ve been in Germany since 2014. The support program made contact with the company and that is how I became aware of PREBENA and the training opportunities there. Since I am very interested in technology, my interest was aroused and I applied for an apprenticeship as a machine and plant operator.

What is your daily work like?

When starting work, I always first have to get an overview of the current production situation. That means, what has to be done during the week? Which machines are running? Which orders have priority? Then the machines are started and raw materials such as glue are checked and replenished if necessary. If everything goes as it should, the next machine is started. You always have to keep a good overview of wire production and check the processes in between. Another task is the handover to the next shift. In other words, have any problems occurred, does something need to be rebuilt or adapted? The more experience you have, the more responsible tasks you can take on as a trainee.

Interview Celine


Training as an industrial clerk

What skills do I need to be able to train as an industrial clerk?

As with any apprenticeship, a lot of new things come up. That is why the willingness to learn and the willingness to try something play a major role. You should be interested in commercial processes, as well as in the products themselves that PREBENA manufactures and sells. Since I often have to communicate with customers, it is important to always be friendly and helpful and to have good language.

In addition, working on the computer is inevitable in everyday office life and it is an advantage if you are familiar with common office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. PREBENA is a company with international business relationships and sales in over 60 countries, so you shouldn’t be afraid of English speaking people or of writing an English email.

What do you learn during your apprenticeship at PREBENA?

During an apprenticeship, you go through all departments of the training company such as purchasing, export, marketing, customer service, etc. This gives you an insight into the various work processes and realizes how versatile you are as an industrial clerk.

In addition, there are numerous opportunities to deepen your knowledge and develop yourself further through in-house training.

What was the most exciting thing that you have experienced in your training so far?

At the beginning of the year I was able to attend the Dach & Holz trade fair in Stuttgart. Among other things, I was able to help set up the exhibition stand there. You don’t believe how much work is really behind it and what you have to pay attention to.

The 70m² stand area had to be divided into a presentation area, a meeting area and ancillary rooms such as a warehouse. In addition, the walkways of the visitors had to be observed and all products on display had to be positioned so that they were clearly visible. That was complex, but also very exciting.

I had the opportunity to witness many interesting conversations with customers and to look at the competition’s exhibition stands. I particularly liked the fact that I was able to gain exciting experiences outside of everyday office life.

How did you come to PREBENA?

During my part-time job as a milker on a farm. It was there that I first became aware of PREBENA products, more precisely, the milking machines there were operated with PREBENA compressors. I asked myself which company is behind the name and what is still being produced.

I don’t come from the immediate vicinity of the company, which is why I hadn’t heard of PREBENA that often. So I did some research and found out that it is a leading company in the fastener industry with headquarters in Germany and that piqued my curiosity. On the company side, I found out that PREBENA also provides training and since the product range appealed to me, I applied for an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. And here I am now.

What is your daily work like?

As far as my daily work is concerned – it differs from department to department and is therefore really varied.

I am currently employed in purchasing. Among other things, the processing of master files, the checking of order confirmations or the writing of requirement reports are among my changing tasks. In addition, there are the fixed tasks that I have been assigned by the department management or the employees, which have to be done regularly and which I can do independently.

Before that, I was in marketing, where I was allowed to design this year’s trainee flyer, which ultimately went to print – I’m very proud of that. (So, if you became aware of the training at PREBENA through the flyer, it is from me.)


Interview Charles



What is special about PREBENA for you?

For me, the special thing about PREBENA is the family atmosphere in the collective. Close personal contact with each employee is particularly important here. This will also ensure that everyone receives the support they need to promote individual strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. The flat hierarchy eliminates long decision-making processes and every employee has the opportunity to make new suggestions for optimization.

Another plus for me is the regional connection. Since most of the employees come from the local area, you have commo interests and topics you can discuss. I think that is what distinguishes work in a “rural” family company from a large corporation, where there is a certain anonymity. 

They say “Passion is the key to success” and that is exactly what is very important at PREBENA. The passion for our products and the identification with the company are lived every day by our employees and passed on to our customers. PREBENA is an international and cosmopolitan company and the doors are open to everyone to become part of the large PREBENA family. 

In your opinion, which skills are important for an apprenticeship at PREBENA?

First of all the usual things that are important in every apprenticeship or training company, such as motivation and teamwork. During your apprenticeship you spend many hours in the company or at school and it is important that you develop an interest in he field. Subject-specific knowledge that is necessary for the various professions can be acquired. Some may have more prior knowledge in the technical field, others in the commercial field, but I am convinced that if the will is there and there is enough interest, everyone will be able to successfully complete the various apprenticeship. 

What achievement are you particularly proud of?

This is of course a very difficult question, but one is always proud to see that apprentices are doing outstanding work in school and in the company. It is nice how someone enjoys learning and how keep developing and acquiring new skills over the years. The definitely most beautiful moment is when after the many stressful but also beautiful hurdles, the final exam is successfully passed and I can see the trainees  growing up here and look after them the entire time. You can see how they continue to develop, complete their training here, become a fully integrated part of the PREBENA group and then take on their own function here in the company. If you look back at the whole thing, you know that all the effort was worth it and you are happy to have accompanied the trainee in such an important part their life. 

What options do you have after training ?

At PREBENA there are many opportunities for further training after completing your training or in general. I also first completed my training as an industrial clerk at PREBENA and then decided to continue training as a state-certified business economist with a focus on personnel. What distinguishes PREBENA is the individual support of employees with regard to their planned further training. Which further education makes the most sense to specialize someone in a certain subject area? The further training offer extends over a diverse portfolio. This includes, among other things, a dual course of study, business economist, master craftsman, technician or more individual training courses such as a accountant or HR specialist. A high level of support or an adjustment of the working hours to the lecture or lesson times. Thanks to the flat hierarchy that prevails at PREBENA, there are quick opportunities for advancement. As a young specialist, there are many opportunities to make a career at PREBENA.