PKT-2-J50SD-SVN Pneumatic cartridge nailer for upsetting nails from 16-50mm

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Especially suitable for glass fixing!

Can be used with a compressor or a cartridge.

Own refilling of the cartridge with the filling station PKT-TWINTEC 400 or exchange trough your local wholesaler.


Unit processed:
Upsetting nails (brads) Type J from 16 - 50mm length.



Gewicht: 2.05 kg
Breite: 71 mm
Länge: 350 mm
Höhe: 275 mm




Fastener: Brads
Fastener type: J
Length (mm span): 16 - 50
Working pressure (bar): 3,5 - 10,0
Air consumption (l/nailing): 0,20



  • High firing capacity and speed
  • Single shot with trigger safety
  • Adjustable working pressure
  • Pressure gauge for working pressure
  • Cartridge level indicator
  • Side-loading magazine
  • Handle protection with anti-slip coating



  • Invisible glass fixing
  • Suitable for silicone and dry glazing
  • The brads are processed directly in the sealing rebate

Instruction manual: PKT-2-J50SD-SVN

Spare parts list: PKT-2-J50SD-SVN

Declaration of conformity: PKT-2-J50SD-SVN

Single brochure: PKT-2-J50SD-SVN