KTVH-B19D Pneumatic nailer for carton staplers from 16-19mm

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Universal pneumatic carton staplers for lid sealing of filled and bottom stapling of empty folding boxes made of single or double corrugated board.

No damage to the packaged goods. The staples bend automatically into the
the bottom layer of cardboard.

The extremely fast firing sequence and the simple loading mechanism of the magazine allow incomparable time savings.

The low noise level, a weight of only two kilograms and the low air consumption guarantee pleasant and energy-efficient working.


Device processes:
Staples type B of 16 - 19mm length



Weight: 2 kg
Width: 120 mm
Length: 347 mm
Height: 227 mm




Fastener: Staples
Fastener type: B
Length (mm span): 16 - 19
Working pressure (bar): 5,0 - 7,0
Air consumption (l/nailing): 0,12
Fields of application: Packaging 


  • Fast firing sequence
  • Low noise emission
  • Mature bending technology of the tool
  • Simple loading system
  • Height adjustable
  • Handle protection with anti-slip coating
  • Noise absorber
  • Suspension eye available as accessory



  • For closing the lid of filled and for stapling the bottom of empty folding boxes made of single and double corrugated board

Instruction manual: KTVH-B19D

Spare parts list: KTVH-B19D

Declaration of conformity: KTVH-B19D

Single brochure: KTVH-B19D