4C-L50 pneumatic stapler for staples from 19-50mm

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This universal 4C-L50 staple nailer is designed for a wide range of interior work: Fermacell, chipboard and plasterboard can be fastened effortlessly with the L-staples up to a maximum length of 50 mm. Due to the back width of 10.7 mm, even bitumen shingles can be professionally attached to ensure optimal roof sealing. The 4C-L50 is also frequently used in window and door construction. With the multifunctional fence (180° rotatable to a smooth or toothed fence) fitted as standard, this machine is also ideally suited in the packaging sector for boxes and cardboard pallets. Even economy formwork can be fastened quickly and securely with the resinated clamp.


Device processes:
Staples Type L from 19 - 50mm length.




Weight: 2.2 kg
Width: 85 mm
Length: 360 mm
Height: 283 mm




Fastener type: Staples
Fastener type: L
Length (mm span): 19 - 50
Working pressure (bar): 5,0 - 8,0
Air consumption (l/nailing): 1,72


  • Depth adjustment
  • Single and contact release
  • Trigger lock
  • Reinforced driver
  • Exhaust adjustable
  • Ergonomic handle shaft
  • Quick release of the tool



  • Boxes
  • Packaging
  • Fermacell
  • Plasterboard
  • Chipboard pallets
  • Spar formwork
  • Bitumen shingles
  • Window and door construction
  • Cardboard pallets


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Instruction manual: 4C-L50

Declaration of conformity: 4C-L50

Spare parts list: 4C-L50

Single brochure: 4C-L50