2XR-ES40 pneumatic nailer for staples from 15-40mm

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The 2XR-ES40 pneumatic nailer for the 5.95 mm wide ES staples is ideal for all applications around the house. Be it for fastening profiled boards and panels, or for mounting cabinets and shelves. The 2XR-ES40 staple nailer is also ideal for use in the upholstery sector with heavier fabrics. Thanks to the discreet but sufficiently wide back, a wide variety of fabrics can be fixed decoratively. Here, the application is not limited to the interior: wherever a nail head is not sufficient, such as in wire or fence construction, the ES staple convinces with its practical and reliable connection.

Device processes:
Staples of type ES from 15 - 40mm length.



Weight: 1.3 kg
Width: 56 mm


245 mm
Height: 244 mm




Fastener type: Staples
Fastener type: ES
Length (mm span): 15 - 40
Working pressure (bar): 4,0 - 7,0
Air consumption (l/nailing): 0,60


  • Release safety device
  • Exhaust air adjustable
  • Underloader magazine
  • Non-recoil
  • Noise damper
  • Depth adjustment
  • Impression protection



  • Profiled boards
  • Panels
  • Upholstery
  • Furniture back panels
  • Foil fastening
  • Fire fences
  • Small furniture
  • Wooden fences


and much more

Instruction manual: 2XR-ES40

Declaration of conformity: 2XR-ES40

Spare parts: 2XR-ES40

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