1A-AZ25BNH pneumatic matrix stapler for staples from 12-25mm

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Pneumatically operated, universally applicable staplers in industrial quality for stapling single and double wall cartons as well as solid board from 6 - 20 mm. Ideal for stapling cardboard blanks, telescope boxes, cardboard trays, insertable lids, etc.

Ensures particularly stable stapling, as the staple legs run flat against each other on the back of the cardboard.
The packaged goods remain undamaged.


Device processed:
Staples type AZ from 12 - 25mm length.



Weight: 2.45 kg
Width: 78 mm
Length: 362 mm
Height: 300 mm



Fastener: Staples
Fastener type: AZ
Length (mm span): 12 - 25
Working pressure (bar): 5,0 - 7,0
Air consumption (l/nailing): 0,62


  • Pneumatically movable die
  • Insertion depth 140mm
  • Finger safety device
  • Large loading capacity due to long top loader magazine
  • Handle protection with anti-slip coating
  • Noise absorber
  • Metal transport case



  • Stapling of 1- and 2-corrugated cardboard boxes
  • as well as solid board from 14 - 20 mm thickness
  • Ideal for stapling cardboard blanks
  • Inverted cartons
  • Cardboard trays
  • Slide-in lids


and much more

Instruction manual: 1A-AZ25BNH

Spare parts list: 1A-AZ25BNH

Declaration of conformity: 1A-AZ25BNH

Single brochure: 1A-AZ25BNH