ST2-ANK60 Pneumatic nailer for anchor nails from 40-60mm

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Powerful impact due to multi-impact technology! This anchor nailer, optimally developed for its versatile field of application, has all the features that are important for fastening any type of building hardware, such as beam shoes, rafter grease anchors, perforated plates, wind trusses, etc.: The ST2-ANK60 processes anchor nails up to a length of 60 mm by means of an optimally aligned multi-strike technology, which is decisive for a perfect fixation of the metallic wood connectors.


Device processes:
ANK type anchor nails from 40 - 60mm in length.



Weight: 2.5 kg
Width: 116 mm
Length: 316 mm
Height: 278 mm




Fastener type: Nails
Fastener type: ANK
Length (mm span): 40 - 60
Working pressure (bar): 7,0 - 8,0
Air consumption (l/nailing): 3,10


  • Quick and easy loading of the back load magazine
  • Small guide bar for exact position of the nails
  • Low weight and compact construction for inaccessible
    places like corners and angles
  • Ergonomic design



Wood connector like

  • Joist hanger
  • Angle connector
  • Cross connector
  • Hole plate

and much more


Instruction manual: ST2-ANK60

Spare parts list: ST2-ANK60

Certificate of conformity: ST2-ANK60

Single brochure: ST2-ANK60