2P-J/ES40COMBI pneumatic air nailer for staples and brads

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This universal pneumatic nailer is the all-rounder for staples and brads, which the device processes equally reliably. For example, profile boards and panels can be fastened with the ES staples and then the ceiling strips with the J-brads - the magazine is specially designed for this! The maximum length of both fasteners is 40 mm, so that the 2P-J/ES40COMBI can even be used in fence construction: the ES clamp for wire fencing and the J-Brads for wooden elements.


Device processes:
Staples of type ES from 15 - 40mm length
Brads of the type J from 19 - 40mm length



Weight: 1.5 kg
Width: 57.5 mm
Length: 240 mm
Height: 235 mm




Fastener: Staples, Brads
Fastener type: ES, J
Length (mm span): 15 - 40
Working pressure (bar): 5,0 - 7,0
Air consumption (l/nailing): 0,75


  • Single trigger with trigger safety
  • Combimagazine
  • Silencer
  • Non-recoil
  • Adjustable exhaust air



  • Profile boards
  • Panels
  • Furniture back panels
  • Small furniture
  • Wire and wooden fences
  • Skirting boards
  • Ceiling mouldings
  • mouldings


and much more

Instruction manual: 2P-J-ES40-COMBI

Spare parts list: 2P-J-ES40-COMBI

Declaration of conformity: 2P-J-ES40-COMBI

Single brochure: 2P-J-ES40-COMBI