Modern and ergonomic roof covering with PREBENA PKT-HYBRID nailer

Only those who use modern, safe technology can work economically and protect the health of their employees. 

Work healthier, faster and more effectively 

Normally, the slat can only be mastered in an extremely bent trunk position and the associated heavy load on the knees and back. 

In addition, our systems eliminate the need for manual machines. 

  • well thought-out professional solutions
  • a spacer aligns the roof battens at the correct distance
  • the compressed air battery nailer is integrated 

Time savings of up to 75%

Application: roof battens and element battens

Adjustment range: 150 mm to 500 mm lath spacing 

Guide value: batten 100 m² roof area for approx. 30 min

PKT-8RKP100-LM processes:

Paper-magazined round head strip nails of the type RKP with a length of 65 - 100 mm.
Wire size: 2,8 - 3,1 mm


Width: 134 mm
Length: 312 mm
Height: 392 mm



Fastener - Type: Nails
Fasteer - Type RKP


  • incl. a compressed air cylinder KT-1000 (only for filling the device)
  • long magazine for 2 nail strips
  • level indicator
  • pressure relief
  • operation via touch display
  • toolless removal of the magazine
  • empty firing protection
  • belt hooks
  • depth adjustment
  • fast charging system
  • fast rate of fire = 1,5 rounds / second 

Manufacturing and Distribution:

MEWI Maschinenbau GmbH

Zeller Gewerbezentrum 13 a
D-64732 Bad König
Telefon: +49 (0)6063 5547





Instruction manual: PKT-8-PR100

Spare part list: PKT-8-PR100-E

Declaration of conformity: PKT-8-PR100-E

Single brochure: PKT-8-PR100-E